Workforce Capability and Governance

Workforce Capability and Governance is responsible for ACT public sector employment legislation and conditions. It also provides advice to Government and develops policy and legislation in areas involving the relationship between employers and workers in the ACT, including industrial relations and human resource management.

Public Sector Management

Public Sector Management Group provides a central agency policy and advisory role for ACT public sector employment. Areas of responsibility include service-wide employment framework and policies, service-wide employment programs; strategic workforce planning; values and behaviours initiatives; human resources planning and management; accountability; learning and development programs and investigations.

The Group also provides support to the statutory office of the Public Sector Standards Commissioner, the ACT Remuneration Tribunal (the independent statutory tribunal with responsibility for setting the remuneration, allowances and entitlements for various public officials in the ACT), and the People and Performance Council (the senior body for consideration of workforce capacity and capability and workforce performance issues).

Public Sector Workplace Relations

The Public Sector Workplace Relations Group provides advice to Government and Directorates on whole of government workplace relations matters. This includes advice on ACTPS wage matters, HR policy and enterprise agreement negotiation strategies. The Group also provides ad hoc advice and interpretation of ACTPS enterprise agreement and industrial award content.

The Group negotiates common terms and conditions aspects of all ACTPS and Legislative Assembly Members Staff (LAMS) enterprise agreements for Government and  undertakes the secretariat function to the ACTPS and Unions Joint Council.

Healthy Weight Initiative

As the central agency, CMTEDD leads the Healthy Weight Initiative which is a whole of government approach focused on addressing the rising rates of overweight and obesity by making improvements in active living and food environments across the ACT.

An overarching Steering Committee monitors and coordinates policy and program actions across six key themes: schools, workplaces, urban planning, food environment, social inclusion, and information and data. The Chairperson of the Steering Committee is the Deputy Director-General, Workforce Capability and Governance Division, CMTEDD.

Latest Update:

The ACTPS Employment Portal is a new resource for the ACTPS that brings together information about the ACTPS Employment Framework. The portal contains enterprise agreements, awards, links to Commonwealth and ACT legislation, policies and other supporting materials.