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ACT Remuneration Tribunal

The ACT Remuneration Tribunal is an independent statutory tribunal with responsibility for setting the remuneration, allowances and entitlements for various public officials in the ACT.

It was established by the Remuneration Tribunal Act img-icn-extlink 1995 on 21 December 1995.
The Tribunal is independent of the Government, and its determinations cannot be disallowed by the Legislative Assembly.

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Remuneration Tribunal determinations for Members of the Legislative Assembly, ACT Public Service Executives, Full-time Office Holders and the newly established Board of the CIT

On Friday 10 April 2015, the ACT Remuneration Tribunal released determinations covering:

  • Members of the ACT Legislative Assembly;
  • Head of Service, Directors-General and other ACT Public Service Executives;
  • Full-time Statutory Office Holders;
  • The Clerk of the Legislative Assembly; and
  • The newly established Governing Board of the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT).

Members of the Legislative Assembly will receive a 3 per cent increase which is consistent with salary increases provided to the ACT public service more generally through Enterprise Agreements. This is significantly less than the 6 per cent increase foreshadowed for by the Tribunal in its 2014 Final Report on the Review of Entitlements for Members of the ACT Legislative Assembly and is reflective of movements in national and local economic indicators. Members will also receive a small adjustment in relation to motor vehicle allowances to reflect the actual leasing costs that are applicable to members.

The Head of Service, Directors-General, other ACTPS Executives, the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly and Full-time Statutory Office Holders will receive a 2.5 per cent increase in remuneration. In making this decision the Tribunal considered comparisons, and the need to remain competitive with similar roles in the Commonwealth and interstate jurisdictions. The Tribunal also considered local and national economic indicators.

Remuneration for the newly established Governing Board of the CIT was set at $35,000 per annum for the Chair, $17,500 per annum for the Deputy Chair and $410 per diem for members. In making this decision the Tribunal considered the need to attract high caliber candidates to the roles and comparisons with similar interstate institutions. The Tribunal will review this decision when the Governing Board has operated for a reasonable period of time.

As part of the Tribunal's obligations to inquire into Part Time Office Holders, an in depth review of those offices will be conducted in the coming months.

The Tribunal has made these decisions in line with its obligations under the Remuneration Tribunal Act 1995. The Act requires that the Tribunal inquire into these positions on an annual basis.

Any inquiries in relation to these Determinations may be directed as follows:

By email to: (preferred means of receipt)

Or by post to:

The Chair
ACT Remuneration Tribunal
PO Box 964


Determinations made by the Tribunal are published on the Determinations page.

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