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Public Sector Management Group

The Public Sector Management Group is a part of the Workforce Capability and Governance Division and has responsibility for the employment and policy framework which supports a professional, skilled and accountable ACT public service that is responsive to the government and to the community. The Group provides a central agency policy and advisory role for ACT public sector employment.

The Group oversees the terms and conditions of working in Government through the legislative employment framework. An important part of this is developing policy to support the legislative employment framework. The Group also has a central role in ACT public service attraction, recruitment, retention and training initiatives. These initiatives are used to manage people and build capacity across the service.

These roles are divided amongst two sub groups: 'Strategic Human Resources/Attraction and Retention', and 'Employment Policy' (incorporating executive employment). These two groups provide support to the Statutory Office of the Commissioner for Public Administration.

ACT Public Service Collective Agreements

The ACT Public Service (ACTPS) has a number of collective agreements providing terms and conditions of employment for all employees in the ACTPS. There are two frameworks that are used to bargain with employees: 'template' agreements and 'non-template' agreements.

Template agreements are negotiated in two parts with the relevant unions. A common core of conditions are negotiated with the ACT public service unions Single Bargaining Unit to provide a common set of conditions for most ACTPS employees. The second stage of negotiations is completed at the agency level which takes into account the different working conditions throughout the ACTPS.

Non-template agreements are negotiated at the agency level. These are generally 'occupational based' such as nurses, doctors, teachers, firefighters, paramedics and ACTION bus drivers. These non-template collective agreements may adopt template conditions into their collective agreements through the bargaining process.

Links to the most recent ACTPS Collective Agreements img-icn-extlink will be made available as they are lodged with the Workplace Authority.

Public Sector Management Act and Standards

The Public Sector Management Act 1994 (the PSM Act) provides the legislative framework for the majority of employee in the ACT Public Service. The PSM Act sets out service-wide employment conditions and values.
The PSM Act is supported by the Public Sector Management Standards (subordinate law). The PSM Standards are made by the Commissioner for Public Administration under section 251 of the PSM Act. If any inconsistency between the PSM Act and the PSM Standards arises, the PSM Act will prevail.

Awards and Agency based Workplace Agreements made under the Commonwealth Workplace Relations Act 1996 or Fair Work Act 2009 will override the PSM Act and the PSM Standards to the extent of any inconsistency.
Further guidance is provided to ACTPS agencies through policies and Information Notes. The policies and Information Notes are intended to guide ACTPS agencies on the legislative employment framework.

Public Sector Management Act 1994 img-icn-extlink

Public Sector Management Standards 2006 img-icn-extlink

Legislative Assembly Members Staff

The employment of staff by members of the Legislative Assembly is regulated by the Legislative Assembly (Members' Staff) Act 1989 (LAMS).img-icn-extlink A specific LAMS Award and Agreements (made under the Commonwealth Workplace Relations Act 1996) also regulate the employment of LAMS staff. These industrial instruments will override the LAMS Act and determinations to the extent of inconsistency.

Integrity and Ethics

Workforce Capability and Governance Division, in conjunction with the Commissioner for Public Administration, develops and administers policy, and provides advice on a number of important public sector management issues. These include:

Public Sector Management Standards img-icn-extlink - see chapter 2 - Ethics

Public Sector Management Act img-icn-extlink - see section 9 - Ethics

Ethics in the ACT Public Service

Integrity Policy

Model Integrity Training Workbook

Suggested Integrity Training Presentation

Investigation Standards

Public Interest Disclosure

Information on making a Public Interest Disclosure to the Commissioner for Public Administration such as:

the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012;
Fact Sheet; and
CMTEDD Procedures for Actioning Public Interest Disclosures,

are all available on our Publications page.

Workforce Profile

Along with the Commissioner's Annual Report, the Workforce Profile provides a comprehensive, quantitative picture of the ACT Public Service as at 30 June each year.

As well as basic statistical data, this document provides broader workforce trends that are likely to impact upon the ACT Public Service in coming years.

The ACT Government Workforce Profile is available from our Publications Page.

Other Legislation

Work Health and Safety Act 2011 img-icn-extlink

ACT Self-Government Act 1988 img-icn-extlink

Annual Reports (Government Agencies) Act 2004 img-icn-extlink

Discrimination Act 1991 img-icn-extlink

Fair Work Act 2009 img-icn-extlink

Legislative Assembly (Members Staff) Act 1989 img-icn-extlink

Long Service Leave Act 1976 img-icn-extlink

Public Interest Disclosure Act 1994 img-icn-extlink

Workers' Compensation Act 1951img-icn-extlink