B.6 Fraud Prevention

The ACT Integrity Policy requires ACT Government Directorates to prepare a Fraud and Corruption Prevention Plan and Fraud Risk Assessment every two years. As part of the review process, an integrity risk assessment must be undertaken assessing changes to the organisation’s operations and environment since the last plan.

The CMTEDD Fraud and Corruption Prevention Plan was reviewed and updated in January 2016 as part of the required review program. A review of the fraud risk assessment commenced in May 2016 and is due for finalisation early in the 2016-17 financial year. High fraud risk issues will continue to be monitored and compliance auditing completed through the internal audit program with oversight through the Audit and Risk Committee, and Executive Management Group, while medium and low fraud risks will be monitored through a newly developed compliance, review and assurance program.

Fraud awareness and ethics were key themes for training and development within CMTEDD, including induction programs for new staff. Fraud awareness education programs will continue to be made available to all employees in 2016-17.

Incidents of Fraud Reported in 2015-16

The Senior Executive Responsible for Business Integrity and Risk made no findings in regard to fraudulent behaviour during 2015-16.

For further information contact:

Sue Hall
Executive Director
+61 2 62070569

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