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Volume 3: Whole of Government Reporting: Community Engagement and Support

This volume is dedicated to the centralised reporting of the ACT Government’s significant community engagement and community support activities.

Drawing this information together is a demonstration of the ACT Government’s ‘one government’ focus and its community-centred approach to developing programs and policies by actively engaging with, and supporting the broader community.

The ACT Government aims to ensure open, proactive and meaningful community engagement to enable Canberrans to actively contribute their views and opinions on issues that shape their city, their community and their suburbs. In most engagements a range of methods are used with the aim of encouraging participation from a broad cross-section of the community – ensuring residents can have their say in ways that are accessible and convenient – whether online or in person or a combination of both.

This volume provides information on the activities of directorates and agencies in supporting the community or community organisations through grants and financial assistance.

In supporting a wide range of individuals, organisations, projects and programs whether it is through the provision of grants, sponsorship or even in-kind support, it is our objective to enrich our community and ensure all Canberrans feel part of a dynamic and inclusive society.

The Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate collated the information within this volume for whole of government reporting purposes. All information has been provided by directorates and their associated public authorities. The information remains the responsibility of the agency’s Director-General and has been approved by the relevant delegate.

ACT Government Community Engagement

During 2015-16 the ACT Government undertook a range of significant community engagement activities on projects detailed below by directorate.

Community Support: Grants and Sponsorship

During 2015–16 the ACT Government provided grants, assistance and sponsorship to a range of organisations detailed below by directorate.

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