Out of Trade Register

The ACT Government supports Australian Apprentices in the ACT who are at risk of losing their job. The ACT Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate (the Directorate) provides advice to Australian Apprentices and employers on ways to continue employment, off-the-job training and retain workers, through the Out of Trade Register.

Australian Apprentices whose National Training Contract (training contract) have been cancelled or are in jeopardy may be assisted in finding employment by agreeing to go on the register. Prospective employers can be provided with the contact details of an Australian Apprentice, once registered. The employer may choose to contact the Australian Apprentice, however, being on the register does not guarantee employment.

The register will only be used by the Directorate to register Australian Apprentices who have already had a training contract and who want to continue in the same qualification.

Advice is also offered to employers about flexible options for retaining existing Australian Apprentices whose employment is at risk of termination, or to access contact details of unemployed Australian Apprentices seeking employment.

To contact the Out of Trade Register, phone (02) 6205 8555 or email skills@act.gov.au.