Registered Training Organisations

The VET Quality Framework (VQF) is aimed at achieving greater national consistency in the way providers are registered and monitored and in how standards in the vocational education and training (VET) sector are enforced. An essential mechanism for the regulation of VET is the national standards against which applicants/RTOs are assessed. Any business or association with an interest in training can apply to become registered.

A RTO is an organisation, registered in accordance with the VQF Standards for RTOs, to provide specific vocational education and training and/or assessment services. RTOs may include TAFE institutes, private providers, community providers, schools, higher education institutions, industry organisations and enterprises.

All RTOs are generally required to:

  • help employers choose the correct nationally recognised qualification
  • help employers choose how the training will be delivered
  • customise the training to the requirements of the business
  • conduct a skills assessment of each trainee/apprentice to identify competencies already held and those yet to be attained
  • develop a training plan that accurately reflects the planned training delivery
  • deliver, or arrange delivery of, the structured training, that may occur at the RTO's premises, the workplace, or a combination of both
  • provide workplace support to the employer and apprentice/trainee, including assisting with scheduling structured training and planning the assessment process
  • negotiate assessment arrangements with the employer and apprentice/trainee and validate final assessment
  • issue the certificate or Statement of Attainment that complies with the Australian Qualifications Framework guidelines

RTOs are eligible to nominate to deliver funded training initiatives in the ACT if they:


  • hold a current ACT Funding Agreement. More information on ACTFA can be found on the ACTFA webpage.


are listed as a Fee-for-Service provider on the ACT Qualifications Register.

RTOs nominating to deliver Australian Apprenticeships, must nominate for qualifications that are listed on the ACT Qualifications Register.  

RTOs that hold a ACTFA or are listed as a Fee-for-Service provider on the ACT Qualifications Register:

May nominate for qualifications to the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate (the Directorate) according to the instructions provided through RTO Online available on the VET Admin webpage. The nomination process collects information about the RTO and the qualifications that the RTO wishes to deliver to Australian Apprentices in the ACT. The information includes contact details, administrative arrangements and delivery modes for each qualification. This allows the Directorate to:

  • check that qualifications approved for delivery are on the RTO's scope of registration for the ACT
  • check that qualifications are identified as available for Australian Apprenticeships delivery in the ACT
  • publish a complete list of all available qualifications including approved RTOs on the Directorate's website, so that prospective Australian Apprentices and their employers can make informed choices about training options.

RTOs that do not hold a ACTFA or are not listed as a Fee-for-Service provider on the ACT Qualifications Register:

To find a RTO or nationally recognised course, training package, qualification and unit/s of competency, please refer to