The ACT Vocational Education and Training Administration Records System (AVETARS) is the replacement system for the ACT VET Management System/s (AVMS1 and AVMS2). AVETARS transforms the way ACT VET stakeholders interact with Skills Canberra.

AVETARS core functionality includes:

  • The ACT Qualifications Register including qualification nominations and data from training.gov.au
  • Australian Apprenticeships Training Contract management (data from TYIMS) including auto-approval of training contracts
  • AVETMISS upload to claim payments
  • Australian Apprenticeships Training Contract variations
  • Skilled Capital payment claims
  • AVETMISS National VET Provider Collection submissions

User Portals

  • User portals for registered training organisations (RTOs), Australian Network Providers (ANPs), group training organisations (GTOs), employers, students, ACT high schools and colleges.
  • The user portals provide stakeholders with greater levels of access to information through a streamline, accessible and user-friendly system with real-time information at their finger tips.

Australian Apprenticeships Training Contract Management

  • AVETARS allows stakeholders to update their training contract information online.
  • Stakeholders can initiate and validate changes to the training contract online rather than through a paper-based form (except where a student is under 18 years-of-age and a parent/guardian signature is required).

RTO Payment Claims and AVETMISS Data Reporting

  • AVETARS allows RTOs to upload their AVETMISS data to claim payments and check their data quality. AVETARS does not correct errors in RTO data or information but identifies the error for the RTO to correct at the source.
  • AVETARS allows RTOs to upload their ACT AVETMISS NCVER National Provider Collection data through a portal.

If you have any questions, please refer to the AVETARS User Manuals.  Alternatively, email skills@act.gov.au or call 02 6205 8555.