Economic Development

Enterprise Canberra comprises of the following business units within the Economic Development portfolio of CMTEDD:

Enterprise Canberra’s mission is to improve the liveability and productivity of the city. Working in collaboration with business, education institutions and industry partners, we:

  • Develop and grow emerging enterprises, entrepreneurs and sectors to expand our economic base, provide local jobs and grow our export capability.
  • Promote Canberra to the region, the nation and the world to attract visitation, business investment and students.
  • Nurture grass roots sports and elite athletes and mould our reputation as a centre of regional sporting excellence.
  • Produce major events for our city and manage significant arts, sports and event infrastructure.
  • Grow our arts ecology so that it is valued locally, nationally and globally as one that underpins our city’s liveability.
  • Provide higher and vocational education accessible to all to increase skills of workers, provide better employment outcomes for business and identify future training requirements to develop the ACT economy.