Resolving Workplace Issues

Under the Respect, Equity and Diversity (RED) Framework (2010), the Respect at Work Policy and the Preventing Work Bullying Guidelines were developed to provide ACT Public Service (ACTPS) employees with information relating to treating others with respect in the workplace and preventing unacceptable behaviour such as bullying, harassment and discrimination. To ensure this guidance remains current and best practice, these documents have been reviewed and updated in 2015.

In their place, the Resolving Workplace Issues resources continue the message of embedding positive work cultures across the ACTPS. These resources focus on the identification and management of inappropriate behaviour at the local level through to more serious allegations of misconduct that are managed under ACTPS Enterprise Agreements.

The resources have been designed according to target audience and the user’s need – this removes the need to read all of the resources. For example:

  • If you an employee trying to understand whether an issue you are experiencing is bullying, harassment or discrimination and what to do about it, you would refer to the Resources for Employees and Work Bullying Harassment and Discrimination documents.
  • If you are a manager attempting to respond to an allegation of bullying, you would first refer to the Resources for Managers and Supervisors document, and may then also need to look at Work Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination or Misconduct and Investigations.
  • If you are not sure what you need or are just after general information, refer first to the Overview, which should help guide you to the most appropriate additional resources.


Resolving Workplace Issues - Overview (Doc 114KB)  (PDF 280KB)

Resolving Workplace Issues - Work Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination (Doc 179KB) (PDF 304KB)

Resolving Workplace Issues - Resources for Employees (Doc 145KB) (PDF 446KB)

Resolving Workplace Issues - Resources for Managers and Supervisors (Doc 158KB) (PDF 664KB)

Resolving Workplace Issues - Misconduct and Investigations (Doc 183KB) (PDF 765KB)

Resolving Workplace Issues - Tips for Encouraging a Culture of Respect and Courteous Work Behaviour (Doc 14KB) (PDF 100KB)

Resolving Workplace Issues - Additional (PDF 126KB)

Resolving Workplace Issues - Glossary (PDF 113KB)